4 Easy tips to deal with cicada swarms while you’re on the road

You’ve already heard they are coming!   If you live in or drive through any Midwestern, Northern Atlantic, or Central Atlantic states you will encounter them, most likely in swarms due to their numbers.  It’s a safety hazard so be prepared.

Here are 4 tips to help you cope when they splatter on your windshield:

1 – Do not use your windshield wipers.  Windshield wipers will smear the bug mess and residue all over your windshield making the clear view of the road disappear.  It can possibly harm your wiper blades as cicadas are large bugs and leave a sticky, acidic residue.  Unlike windshield wipers that can smear bugs our AWESOME, MADE IN USA PRODUCTS are engineered to Clear the BUGS OFF your vehicle Easier, Quicker and Safer. GUARANTEED!

2 – Get out of the traffic lane and safely pull over to the side of the road.  The glare of the sun off the bug residue will impede and distort your vision.  The cleaning needs to be done as the bugs accumulate on your glass.  You may still be able to see but there is a chance you may drive into another swarm and then it becomes a real problem.

3 – Travel with 1 or 2 gallons of water in a pourable, plastic container such as a gallon water or milk jug.  In the past, people would carry paper bags, paper towels, gloves, and a dozen or so pieces of corrugated cardboard in order to scrape bugs off their glass.  Now people can carry 2 or more Bugs Off Pads as these are the only single product that can completely remove both the bug bodies and the acidic residue from the glass and are easy to use on the road.

4 – Wet the chemical free Bugs Off Pad with water from the jug and use this to remove both the bug bodies and the acidic residue from the glass.  You can also mount the Bugs Off Pads onto a pole with a pad holder if you need to reach the windshield of pickups or SUV’s.  Flexible Hand Pad Holders are available to keep your hands away from the mess.  Our kits are the NEW WAY TO TRAVEL SAFELY THRU BUG COUNTRY TODAY! Rinse the pads with water from the jug and reuse until all the residue is removed. Dry your glass with drying pads to prevent water spots.

When you arrive at your destination, address getting the bugs off the painted surfaces as the acidic residue is a danger to the paint if left on for long.  Use a hose to wash the heavy accumulation off and then follow up with the rinsed-out Bugs Off Pad and soap & water to remove the residue.